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Friday I'm In Love 30.11 -  (FIIL 30NOV FIIL TIMELINE.png)

Friday 30 November

Friday I'm In Love

Every Friday night, Fatpoppadaddys heads down to Coalition and brings you Brighton’s most iconic Friday night party, for the last 9 years. Friday, I’m in Love is an essential excursion for all those looking for a little less humdrum and a little more kick-drum for the start of their weekend. We rock the seafront every Friday until 5am- there’s no other club night like it. 

Music that doesn’t suck! The legendary Fat Poppadaddys’ DJs deliver the very best of indie, house, funk, hip-hop, reggae, 60s, 80s D&B, dubstep, dance- something for everyone to keep the dancefloor lively! 

If this doesn’t compel you, head to room 2 for the sounds of more hip-hop, R&B, garage and grime. 

Get ready to rock the seafront. The weekend starts here. 


11pm ‘til late