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Join us next year...

Coalition Terrace presents Brighton

Early bird: A light breakfast for a day full of surprises. Enjoying life. Sharing the best cocktails at the beach with friends. Running away from routine. Exciting the tongue with textures and flavours of America. Bubbles. Starting the party with a bottle of champagne or "Coa Cooler". The night. Watching the sun set over the pier and enjoying one of those "ahh moments". The choice is yours. But always fun. Different.

At Coalition Terrace, we pride ourselves on our ability to live life slowly, fully, and in the moment.

 Our Terrace is perfect whether you’re a group of two or twenty two! We have a great selection of food including burgers, hotdogs, nachos and salads. And to wash it all down there’s a new exciting selection of craft beers and cocktails (One to try will be the "Coa Cooler". You can even pop down in the morning to enjoy a hot drink and pastries.

It’s all table service, so chill out, enjoy the scenery and let our staff do the running around! If you’re in a rush, or walking down the beach, takeaway drinks will also be available from the bar.