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27/12/21  Trash Your Xmas Jumper Party -  (27th December 708 x 643.jpg)

Monday 27 December

Trash Your Xmas Jumper Party


We take over Coalition every Monday night.
We are the only place to be.
Cancel your Tuesdays. TRASH.

Every Monday we take over Coalition.
We do not conform to stereotypes. We experiment. We do not party alone. We party together. Cherish the friends closest to you. Friends are family. We are achievers. We graft. We have fun. We provoke a reaction. We boss. Stand up for what you believe in. We rally to a cause. Music matters. We laugh. We own our style. We live for the moment. This is the moment.
Do not be fooled by sh*t imitations.
We are the original badboys.
We are TRASH.

We are not your normal club night. Music Matters.
Staying true to our policy of breaking new music whilst still providing the goods, you will not find anything like this anywhere else.
A mix of old x new x that edgy remix you've never heard before.
Hosted by ONE F (Radio 1XTRA) alongside special guests on rotation.

LIQUID REFRESHMENT; Drinks are cheap, with offers running all night. Our home Coalition know what they're doing so eyes out for regular new offers. None of this changing prices at midnight bullsh*t either.

Every Monday at Coalition


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