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Friday I'm In Hell -  (FRIINHELL 1/nov)

Friday 1 November

Friday I'm In HELL! Halloween Hangover £3 Guestlist

Keep the spooking going at Friday, I'm In HELL!

Ticket on sale now from

Fat Poppadaddys bring you Brighton's bravest left of centre Friday night party, now and for the last 9 years. Friday, I’m In Love is an essential excursion for all those looking for a little less humdrum and a lot more kick-drum from their Friday night out. We rock Coalition on the seafront until 5am on the regular - there is no other club night like it.

Music that doesn't suck! The legendary Fat Poppadaddys’ DJ’s pull out the very best of indie, house, funk, hip-hop, reggae, 60s, 80s, D&B, dubstep, dance, anything and everything to keep the dance floor lively!

Not only that but expect the sounds of hip-hop, R&B, garage and grime in Coalition’s room 2.


£1 First release Q-jump tickets from
£3 Guestlist before midnight
VIP from £4 per person

VIP Deals:

Our VIP deals include discounted entry, queue jump, free booze, tables and discounted bottles. We can guarantee to create a VIP package to suit you!

Sound good? Give us a message ASAP with your name, group size and we will sort you out.