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Friday I'm In Love- 08-02-2019 -  (FIIL 08FEB FIIL WEB.png)

Friday 8 February


Every Friday night, Fatpoppadaddys heads down to Coalition and brings you Brighton’s most iconic Friday night party, for the last 9 years. Friday, I’m in Love is an essential excursion for all those looking for a little less humdrum and a little more kick-drum for the start of their weekend. We rock the seafront every Friday until 5am- there’s no other club night like it. 

Music that doesn’t suck! The legendary Fat Poppadaddys’ DJs deliver the very best of indie, house, funk, hip-hop, reggae, 60s, 80s D&B, dubstep, dance- something for everyone to keep the dancefloor lively! 

If this doesn’t compel you, head to room 2 for the sounds of more hip-hop, R&B, garage and grime. 

Get ready to rock the seafront. The weekend starts here. 


11pm until late