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Bar Staff!

Are you that one mate always trying to get everyone else to do “just one more shot” or the girl that’s always up on the table dancing even if you’re the only one there? If so, you sound like exactly the types of ‘out there’ fun, energetic people were looking for! Bar tending isn’t a job it’s a way of life (cliché I know...) but it’s true. If you’re the life and soul of the party and if you’re not enjoying it, the guests wont either. We can teach you to pour a drink that’s the easy bit…. But can you hype up the crowd, dance on the bar, upsell to all those “sensible” people? If so, we want to hear from you.


Promo staff!

Let’s be real here, everyone in Brighton has heard of Coalition. They know it’s the home of Trash, Cocoloco and Friday I’m in Love…What they might not know, is there’s a new Saturday in town. Sketch Saturdays has launched and with it we’re bringing a taste of the Party Islands (think Maga, Zante, Napa) to the UK shores with the very best high energy events and Mash ups. We want people that can chat to anyone, the guys and girls that make BFF’s in club toilets and smoking areas every night. We know we have a great event; we just need you to get your mates, your societies, & that random stag do dressed as Mario characters down to party! And the best part… when you’re finished, you get to party the rest of the night away with them all.