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TRASH Mondays Hawaiian Party (1) -  (TRASH 11.06.18.png)

Monday 11 June

TRASH Mondays Hawaiian Party

We’re going to Hawaii baby! You guys are in for a real treat this week with the amount of Beach balls, Palm trees, Hawiiann shirts and Hulla Dresses that will be flying around! There will be Hulla girls on stage for the boys and cocktail sharers for big groups of the galdem! (get your friends down….) Flower Necklaces & glasses shall be getting gifted to you on arrival too!

FREE entry before 11:30 with an Hawaiian shirt orrr a Hulllaaa hullla outfit ( Names on guestlist)!

TRASH Residents


Entry: £3 Guestlist / MOTD
Drinks: Offers running all night long.

Want to bowl in like you own the joint? Birthdays? Socials? Big Groups?